Wayne Bonnici

BSc IT Software Development
Malta, Europe


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Purple Mobile Obliterator Screenshot

Purple Mobile Obliterator

Factory Reset for Apple Devices

Factory reset Purple eligible devices in diags mode without the need to restore with iTunes. This software may be detected by antivirus programs due to the small size and interaction with serial ports.

Reactivator Screenshot


Checkm8 SysCfg Recovery

Recover SysCfg data like Serial Number, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth address for successful iDevice activation.

IMEI Service

IMEI Service

IMEI check and unlock service for many iDevices.

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MDM Bypass Screenshot

MDM Bypass

Bypass Mobile Device Management on all iDevices running iOS 5 and newer and save the world from unnecessary E-Waste.

iDevice Panic Log Analyzer Screenshot

iDevice Panic Log Analyzer

Panic log dumper and analysis tool for iDevices.

Rackup Screenshot


Error 1110 Repair Utility

Repair iTunes error 1110 and save your data. Written in C# using DLL interop.

DS Store Cleaner Screenshot

DS Store Cleaner

Clean junk files created by macOS.



Micro OS

A small C# based OS capable of reading BIOS Date/Time and RAM available. Built with COSMOS with Syslinux as its bootloader.


Lost Plates Malta

A vehicular number plate reporting system built entirely on PHP & mySQL. As of MySQLi's extension introduction, it is now defunct due to the possibility of SQL injection.